Composting Program


Our vision was to further reduce the amount of waste that gets placed in landfills by working with our school cafeteria and LSF to implement a composting program.


Originally our goal for this year’s team was to implement a composting program at SMA. We have done this successfully with the original grant we received from LSF in addition to our own fundraising activities. To continue this program, which averages out to be about $1200-$1500 per year, we will be applying the second LSF grant to cover the costs of the biodegradable replacement bags for the collections bins.

Reflection & Celebration

Upon further reflection, we realize that this program has been well received by the students and staff at our school including our own team members who are excited by the difference that they are making on a daily basis. We will continue to educate our student body and celebrate this action project and all of the accomplishments that have gone along with implementing it.


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