Composting Program Phase 2


Our vision was to further reduce the amount of waste that gets placed in landfills by working with our school cafeteria and LSF to continue to grow and support our existing composting program.


Our team worked extremely hard to make our dream of implementing a composting program happen last year. This year, we continued to build upon last year’s efforts. In particular, we have used this year’s grant money to help cover the extra costs associated with the cafeteria purchasing compostable containers. Because of this, most of the items used in the cafeteria are now compostable. This includes cutlery, cups, bowls, plates and even the baked goods bags. We also held a bake sale to help cover the costs associated with the purchasing of compostable bags, bins and the weekly pick-up by Compost Winnipeg.

In addition to raising the funds for these items, we also worked on an awareness component. Each week, Green Team members stood in the cafeteria at the bin stations (recycling, composting, and garbage) and helped educate the staff and student body about where their food scraps, packaging and containers could be placed. Signs were also made to place around the school as a part of this awareness. The Green Team members also volunteered to take out the daily composting on a rotational basis.

Reflection & Celebration

We have reflected on this year’s efforts and have concluded that the awareness campaign has improved the amount of composting being done at the school. This is evidenced by the fact that each week, our outdoor main compost bin is always full and sometimes overflowing (see attached image). We are looking forward to the Green Team’s new student orientation preparation this week where they will continue to educate and celebrate the composting program at our school.

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