Conestogo Public School StoryWalk Project


Our school Librarian was interested in creating a StoryWalk project. After attending the LSF Climate Youth Action Forum in October, our Grade 7 students recognized that our Monarch Waystation Garden was not being utilized by our school community. We merged the two ideas to create an 18-section StoryWalk experience within our garden. Starting next year, students will be able to enjoy the garden, observe the flora and fauna as well as read pages from a variety of storybooks. Our students recognized that Climate Change action begins in “your backyard”, including your school. Caring for and appreciating the natural environment around us provides a sense of ownership and reflection of individual responsibility, and citizenship in protecting our planet.


Thanks to Fairway Lumber in St. Jacobs we were able to obtain all the supplies we needed and we will begin to build our 18 podium StoryWalk in our Monarch Waystation in June. We used the $500 grant from the LSF Climate Youth Action Forum.

Reflection & Celebration

What an amazing opportunity for not only our 4 Grade 7 students but the remainder of the school and community. We are a very small school in a rural community and this project will be appreciated by many.


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