Connecting Canadian Communities


Our vision for Canada is a place where all Canadians truly understand each other. We understand each others values, where we come from, our relationship with our country and the environment, as well as the challenges we face in our communities. By learning from each other, we are well placed to make Canada a better place for all of its inhabitants.


We are planning to find a school from a First Nations community to be “Skype-mates” with so we can learn about each others’ lives and communities. We are hoping to gain a better understanding of an indigenous community today through the unique perspectives of children our own age. We would also like to engage in a student-led fundraising effort in our own school to educate our peers about the needs of schools on reserves, and be able to deliver the identified supplies to our “Skype-mates” by the end of this school year.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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