Coronation pollination garden


The outdoor space at Coronation has been an ongoing project for the last 4 years and continues to flourish season to season. The garden is to promote environmental awareness by providing students with a space to experience authentic interactions with Nature.

The garden envisions every student and educator interacting in the space to expand their appreciation for nature while actively engaging with it. The garden is to increase the wellbeing of the planet and local biodiversity and also the health of the users


The students will work through all the steps to create a thriving eco system in their school’s existing pollinator garden. Students will work along experts in eco system restoration to plan out a garden design and select local native plants to provide habitat and food for local biodiversity. Students will dig out garden beds according to the garden plan and plant out the garden with the selected plant material. A communication plan will be created and shared with the school to help spread the message of the project and invite participants to use the space. Activities will be created by students for students to encourage active participation into the garden and so that the space can thrive for more years to come.

Reflection & Celebration

The Green Team Students will create a bird feeder activity to share with selected classes so that the feeders can be placed into the new eco system and contribute and celebrate to the opening. More activities based in the garden will be created by the Green Team students to share with their teachers and friends so that the garden can become more utilized by the whole school.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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