Courtyard Garden


We envisioned our dim, grey concrete courtyard turning into a calming, magical place full of plants and flowers for the children to see daily. We believed that plants and flowers would not only help the environment but help our students regulate during the day and have a calming place to relax and enjoy a little bit of nature inside the school.


The original plan was to form a garden committee of students to design and oversee the project, but the unexpected impact of Covid19 really limited the student involvement we could have. The staff really enjoyed coming together to make this vision for our students. With the return to school in the Fall, the students have taken over maintaining and expanding the courtyard garden. The initiative and pride they take in this little oasis in our school has been wonderful to watch. The students are often out there weeding, watering or planting and they love the colors.

Reflection & Celebration

Covid19 and it’s disruptions provided some challenges with the garden. It was nice to compare and contrasts the plants and their resilience to the elements and bugs etc to the students and their resilience to getting through the pandemic. The garden this year has been a wonderful tool for helping students regulate.

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15. Life on Land
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