Courtyard Restoration – Herbs and Edible Plant Bed


Our vision for the courtyard was to transform it into a welcoming and open space in the school community. Our original intent was to paint a ground mural in collaboration with the art classes and add in more tables for staff and students alike to enjoy nature and an outdoor space to eat. We hoped to dedicate each of our garden beds to a different purpose; one for edible plants and herbs, one for native plants, and two for flowers and other flora. The one we were able to accomplish this year was the edible plant garden.


In an effort to make this plan a reality, we got to work removing many dead, overgrown and invasive plants from the beds. That itself took many hours and hard work from our dedicated group of volunteers. Thanks to our LSF grant, we were able to purchase tools and supplies which made doing the restoration a much more seamless process. Once we got our garden bed cleared we were able to plant strawberries and blueberries as well as fennel and oregano which were already located in the bed.

Reflection & Celebration

We are so proud of what our small group was able to accomplish even with the setbacks and having bit off a bit more than we could chew. While our full vision hasn’t yet been realized this is a project we hope will continue in years to come.

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