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Our vision for Canada is… no food waste!

The Bishop Reding Eco Team feels a strong need to divert the amount of food waste that enters Canada’s landfills. Our vision is to help others understand the importance of making small changes in their daily lives that have a great positive impact on the environment. Our project addresses the belief that no food waste should enter our dump sites. According to the Toronto Food Policy Council, 40% of food produced in Canada is wasted each year and 47% of that waste happens in the home. Many families in our community are unaware of vermicomposting as a sustainable and worthwhile option for managing food scraps. Our goal with this initiative is to raise aware regarding the benefits of using worms to create rich soil on both local and global levels.


Our vermicomposter project has 2 main goals. The first is to raise awareness regarding the amount of food waste that takes place in Canada, as well as the issue of overflowing landfills. The second is to provide a sustainable and manageable alternative to throwing food in the garbage.

Awareness will be raised through various forms of information dissemination. We intend to curate content for social media that will attract the interest of our followers in the community. We will also send home a newsletter to the parents and guardians of our school’s students with some vital information regarding food waste.

The second part of our project involves the use of vermicomposters within the school. 2 have been created and are being used as a pilot program in our foods room. So far we have conducted a waste audit of the school and built the eco systems. Now that those environments are well established, we will be compiling data and graphing results to contextualize the positive effects from using worms to create rich soil out of our food waste.
Eventually we would love to run a workshop where we invite community members to come and learn how they can easily make vermicomposters of their own for their homes! Another idea was to team up with a local greenhouse around Mother’s Day and sell potted flowers with some complementary BR soil included!

Reflection & Celebration

This is the first time that the Eco Team has taken on this type of project that requires constant maintenance. In terms of reflection and celebration, we have been using social media to share our journey thus far. Our end of year meeting will include a template for next year.


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