Creating an Outdoor Classroom


Our vision is to create an outdoor learning space where more traditional classes can have an opportunity to work outside. We have a beautiful campus, and our school property borders along a river and walking trail, so many classes take advantage of outdoor learning already. We want to create a space that is an extension of a traditional classroom and would be enticing to more teachers and their classes. We want to increase the number of classes that take place outside the school space.

Our goal is by May 2023, purchase outdoor seating and create a space for instruction outside our school.


Fall 2023 – invite interested students to attend the Climate Youth Action Forum.
November – Establish the SRHS Green Team and create an action plan.
December – Share our plans with the staff to gauge their interest in creating and using an outdoor classroom.
January – Research our options and get quotes for needed materials.
February – Host a clothing drive fundraiser to increase awareness, raise funds, reduce clothing from reaching the landfill and provide economical options for our students.
March – purchase picnic tables for our outdoor classroom.
April – promote Earth Day activities and organize a school-wide cleanup (Start seedlings).
May – clean up outdoor space and encourage classes to make use of the space.
June – recruit members for September and start phase two of our plan.

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11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
15. Life on Land
17. Partnerships for the Goals
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