Curbside Gardening


Our vision for Canada is… our project has involved a learning garden from seed to seed, operating for over six years. A priority is to introduce students to the practise of gardening and cooking healthy meals from the produce grown. As well soil health and water management. The idea of sustainable gardening is a valued lifelong learning opportunity that is practised in our school program, something that students may explore years after school has finished.


Each year our gardens are prepared (over 1100 sq. ft). Much of the produce is shared. As such we develop an impact statement that defines what we will plant and for whom this will benefit. Seeds are started indoors and transplanted. Students are involved from start to finish. Produce frown is donated to different groups. Some is sold and money raised is donated locally and internationally. This is only a tiny sample of what Curbside Gardens does.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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