DDS Goes Green


Our vision for Canada is… for DDS to go Green. Our long term goal is to have a sustainable greenhouse growing vegetables for students to eat, and flowers to share with our school community. This year’s short-term goals and first steps are: 1. Purchase and sustain a worm farm to begin composting and to create soil boosters; 2. Purchase seeds and supplies to begin growing flowers; and 3. Contract a builder (A Natural Niche) to create a mini grow station.


We planted 200 marigold seeds and fed our worms 4-5 cups of compost a week. We hope to have several worm farms, perhaps one in each class in the future/

Reflection & Celebration

Our flower delivery was based as a “Family Activity”. We all met in the gym and celebrated the growth of the flowers, created little notes to go with the flowers, and decorated paper bags to put the flowers in. As mentioned before, we want to move ahead with building our eventual goal of a sustainable greenhouse producing fruits and vegetables for school.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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