Digging Deep in Niagara


Our vision for Canada is…

a place where every Canadian has access to affordable, healthy food and the opportunity to buy and eat local.


Our project involved a group of children/youth Digging Deep to uncover the issues of food security and sustainability in the Niagara Region. We considered the different pathways that fresh fruits and vegetables take to get to our tables, farm fresh to local markets and stands, or picked and packaged and put on trucks from far away places. We explored how factors such as the climate and economics impact upon access to fresh healthy produce. This included a visit to an inner city neighbourhood where we completed a ‘walkability survey’ to identify barriers to accessing food. A group of Children/Youth from Connect4Kids then spent a morning volunteering at a local soup kitchen in the neighbourhood where they discovered that access to fresh vegetables in the winter is a problem for the soup kitchen and the people it serves . One solution proposed was to ‘grow local’ throughout the winter and donate fresh, healthy micro greens to the soup kitchen. With the help of Connect4Kids the grade three class at Wellington Heights public school learned to grow micro greens in their classroom using a portable grow stand constructed from recycled materials and LED grow lights. The equipment and seeds purchased will enable more students to learn, grow and contribute to their community.

1. No Poverty
2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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