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Our vision for Canada is… to educate the student body here at Musquodoboit Rural High School on why it is important to separate organics. By educating the students on using the appropriate bins for their garbage, waste and organics we are working together to create an environmentally sustainable future. Each student has a small role to play but together we can make big changes for our future student body and plant.


The Leadership 12 students noticed that students in our school are not properly separating their waste into the correct disposal bins here at the school so they decided to try educate the students about What Goes Where with some simple but important posters and information. The students designed informational posters to be displayed in the hallways directing students to the cafeteria to dispose of their organics. Where the students have to line up and wait for their cafeteria food Leadership 12 created a ‘What Goes Where’ poster for students to read and above each microwave they displayed impact posters and images surrounding the negative effects of garbage and waste on our environment so students could read these while heating up their food. Together, with just a small amount of information, we can work together to reduce our waste here at Musquodoboit Rural High School cresting a healthy environment.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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