Earth Day Event and Gardening


We wanted students to have a learning opportunity on Earth Day. Students engaged in a wide range of activities realted to the environment and climate action.
We wanted to reinvigorate our gardens.
We put in a lot of manure!


The JK/SK, SK/1 and 4/5 classes partnered with the grade 7 classes to tackle the raised bed vegetable gardens. Since Covid, our routines at the gardens have not been as good as prior to Covid. As a result, we have some deeply rooted weeds. We used the intermediate student man power to sift the soil, removing all roots. The grade 7 students then amended the soil with manure and top soil. They are planting a variety of vegetables and herbs in veggie garden. One raised bed on the playground has been converted into a polinator garden with perrenials that will bloom throughout the growing season.

On Earth Day, the grade 12 co-op student with the grade 7 class organized and executed an earth day event for k-8 students. Learning centres at the event included but were not limited to…. learning about the SDGs and direct connections to each within our community, pond studies, a 3 Rs relay, planting seeds, water polution experiments, locating power sources around the school, circular economy with the Second Cut and micro plastics with a high-tech camera. The LSF,SFS funding purchased prizes, awarded to participants for being engaged in learning.

Reflection & Celebration

Following the Earth Day event, we came together in the gymnasium to highlight some key learning and give prizes for participation. In the fall, we will celebrate the gardens with the classes tasting the produce.

1. No Poverty
2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
17. Partnerships for the Goals
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