Eco Garden


Our vision was simply to create a garden bed in front of our school to achieve eco-friendly goals while beautifying the landscape.


The eco club at our school has 11 official members and many other student and staff volunteers that helped accomplish our initiative. Most of the funding we received was put towards purchasing soil and plants. After receiving delivery of 2 yards of soil and over 26 plants, the eco club worked during recesses to distribute the soil and to dig and seat the 26 plants that we purchased. We were sure to use some native plants and picked out a variety of pollinators. We planted some flowers to attract hummingbirds. This initiative correlated with learning about the importance of plants in their ability to produce oxygen and subvert carbon dioxide; provide nutrients to the soil and decontaminate the water supply.

Reflection & Celebration

Overall, the work was satisfying and the students really enjoyed the work. The community at large were thrilled to see students working outside to beautify the school grounds. The fact that students used this as a way to learn about the beneficial environmental effects of planting a garden was bonus!

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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