Eco School Club Waste Reduction


Our vision for Canada is… to develop a sustainable composting system for our school that will be safe and student friendly in an area where we have many animals, including bears, that frequent our school grounds. The implications locally are that we, as a student body, will set the example for other schools and our homes in order to do our part to reduce waste being delivered to our local waste management site. In addition to this, we will be role models in our community for using our compost material in our gardens.


-Student-led mini workshops/school presentations teaching the dos/dont’s about composting and recycling
-information provided to families through Facebook, classroom agendas, posters, etc.
-purchase odor-proof compost pails for all lunchrooms
-rewards and incentives for participation
– students build composting bin from re-purposed materials
-students collect baseline data prior to project and at the end of the school year
-student plan to achieve eco-school certification in the process, with Ontario Eco-Schools

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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