Edible Garden Expansion


We are looking to expand our edible garden and pollinator garden. Our board has agreed to the expansion so our school is looking to add more garden beds and flowers. We are also looking to add to our compost station by making it much larger. Students have just begun the process but we have only a small compost to work with currently. Finally we are looking to add to our outdoor classroom seating and learning area.


We have begun the process of the garden revamp this season by bringing it back to life after COVID. Students have been busy planting seeds in their classroom this spring and then moving those seedlings out into the garden. We also have a compost club that has got students involved in going to each classroom to collect waste. And finally we have invited all classes out to the garden to paint seating and learn about the garden, why we grow and plant and how what we are doing will have an impact on our world.

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