Electric Pollinators


After going to the Youth Forum and the students taking part in the workshops, students were really interested in doing something with plants. We originally thought about raising monarch butterflies as they are endangered, but upon further research, we realized that farmed butterflies are a bigger problem!
We wanted to share our message with the school and community, so we decided to do native plant seed starter kits so that we could improve the food source and habitat in our local community.


We really wanted our community to get involved, and a healthy competition never hurts! To make the biggest impact possible and make taking a sustainable action easy and fun, we decided to run an e-waste tech drive. We made posters, announcements, put our tech drive in the parent newsletter and made class visits!

For each person that donated they would get a seed starter package, an environmentally friendly decal sticker and be in the running to win an ice cream sandwich party for their class.

Reflection & Celebration

The tech drive was a big success! We had the whole school interested in our message, and we recycled a ton of e-waste! We diverted from landfill:

1753 batteries
8 ipads
3 ipods
27 laptops
1 key board
16 pairs of headphones
74 cables/chargers
5 fire alarms
6 TV remotes
1 calculator
2 cameras
2 thermostats
1 game controller
1 x-box
1 hoverboard
24 phones
4 smart watches
5 computer mice
4 monitors
1 desktop computer
2 CPUs
3 printers
1 DVD player
8 speakers
5 TVs
1 radio

Students and families were really excited about the seeds, and we’re hoping that we’ve not only kept a lot of waste out of landfill but that we have increased the habit and food source of many generations of pollinators to come!


Check out our video!

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