Elementary School Presentation Group


This spring, the Seaquam Environment Club made presentations to elementary schools on climate change and environmental protection. The aim of the presentations was to empower students to make a difference in their communities!!!!


Separate presentations were geared to K-3 and grades 4-7. Seeds were distributed to classes that participated in presentations in order to do planting sessions at later dates.

Reflection & Celebration

Prior to the LST grant, my green team struggled to take action outside of their school following the pandemic. The grant enabled us to apply a strategic and achievable initiative in our school community. My green team leaders worked diligently to create engaging presentations to reach a younger generation of climate activists. My green team was so positively impacted by their connection with the elementary students that they want to organize a green symposium during the coming school year in order to mobilize students at different schools throughout the lower mainland to pursue collective change!!!!


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4. Quality Education
7. Affordable and Clean Energy
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
14. Life Below Water
15. Life on Land
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