Fights for Lights


Our vision for this project was to reduce the carbon footprint of our school. We came up with lots of ideas, but eventually, we settled on fixing the “light problems.” There are lots of classrooms in our school, and the lights are on almost all of the time. Also, we decided to give the office a spider plant because they are good for the environment.


Our action project idea was to buy lamps for each classroom, as it would decrease the need to keep the large overhead lights on all the time. Also, studies show that overhead lights aren’t very helpful for students learning and growth. We first started by asking teachers around the school about how long they thought they kept their overhead lights on every day, and we put those into a chart. We counted the amount of teachers who wanted to decrease the amount they kept the big lights on. Then, we began to research cheap but effective light source alternatives. Everything was quite expensive, so we went to a local thrift store and bought lamps, and gave them out to classrooms. Then, we ordered LED lights from Amazon since they would be a good and sustainable light option. After we leave the school, we’re hopeful that it will be sustainable for future classes since we bought lamps that can be used for a long time.


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