Fruit Trees in Future Gathering Area


This year, we would like to start taking action to improve some otherwise unused greenspace at our school. We do not have a lot of places for kids to sit; either during lunch hour or a more formal outdoor classroom area. We do have a very large deck that is mostly unused because of it’s current location. We would like to develop a plan to move the deck, plant fruit trees and create an inviting space for students to hang out. In addition, the trees we are going to purchase will be used to harvest fruit for the foods and nutrition classes.


With the $500, we are going to purchase 2 honey crisp apple trees and 2 cherry trees. Upon research, both have proven to be very successful fruit producers in MB climate. Trees need to be purchased in groups of at least 2 as they must pollinate each other.

Reflection & Celebration

The trees are planted! We had a few setbacks with delivery dates not being met, as well as utility companies taking longer than anticipated to complete locates so that it was safe to dig. The trees look beautiful and the kids are excited to eat fruit off of them as soon as they start producing. 🙂

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