Garden Refresh at Island Lake PS


Our vision for Canada is… to ensure children experience the outdoors.
We needed to refresh our school garden, which had been neglected. It’s important to us because students enjoy working in the garden, whether they are weeding, watering, planting, or simply making observations of the habitat.


In order to refresh the garden, students were involved in tearing down the fencing, taking out the perimeter boards of the old garden plots, planning the new design of 2 large beds, weeding, shoveling in new soil, transplanting perennials, planting new perennials, and watering their garden.
The new perennials will encourage pollinators in the garden. Students are responsible for continuing to water and weed the garden to ensure the new plants are well situated before the summer break.

Reflection & Celebration

Students found the physical labour challenging, however, enjoyed working in the garden, and seeing their efforts achieve success.

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