Gardening at W.A. Day Elementary School


Our vision for Canada is… to live in a healthy, self sufficient , environmentally responsible community, with young people guiding our way.


We are building an outdoor classroom with gardening beds as one part, in which we will grow vegetables that will be used in our food delivery programs. Students will be involved in the planting, harvesting and preparing of the vegetables we use for our lunch programs. Our students will have opportunities to understand the importance of increased vegetable consumption aids healthy lifestyle. They will also understand that if we learn the skill of growing even a small amount of vegetables close to home, we reduce the carbon footprint of importing vegetables. All students have been involved in gardening presentations related to what we are growing at school as well as to their science curriculum. All students at this point are invited to join our gardening group that will plant and harvest the vegetables we have planted in our garden beds. Students remain interested in presentations as well as joining the gardening group.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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