Gardening for Change


To create a garden that is contributing oxygen to the atmosphere and providing sanctuary for birds, wildlife, and pollinators. To update our greenhouse so that we can effectively provide locally grown food to the schools canteen.


Our students got out their garden gloves and tackled the garden beds at TCI. They have begun removing all the invasive species and are planting an array of native alternatives. The students chose plants and shrubs that will help the birds and bees like sunflowers, grape vines, and honey berry bushes. The school will also be purchasing a rain barrel for the greenhouse so that our water use is more sustainable!

The goal is also to update the school greenhouse and buy seeds, soils, and garden tools to teach our students how to grow locally grown foods. We want to grow them locally and bring them into the school canteen or have the Home Economics class use them.

Our team also created short videos and posters to educate the school on the effects of climate change.

2. Zero Hunger
4. Quality Education
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
15. Life on Land
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