Garlic Mustard Busters


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Jack Layton Award | Honourable Mention


Encourage awareness of invasive species and the importance of native plants and animals


The junior elective group created and planned a festival. Our goal was to raise awareness of and pull an invasive species called Garlic Mustard. We wrote grants, called people, had meetings with partners and advertised. We were proud of the website, name and logo we created. We managed to create an environmentally friendly festival with great food, entertainment by a local band, interesting local artists, local market place vendors and a garlic mustard cook off. We also pulled 1200 lbs of Garlic Mustard that day! We did it all and we did such a great job that they want to make it an annual event! Look for information on the festival in May 2013! www.garlicmustardbusters.ca


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17. Partnerships for the Goals
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