Go With the Flow: Save our H20


Our vision for Canada is to preserve and care about our water supply and our environment. The use of plastics is bad for the environment and wasteful. Canada is lucky to have safe, clean drinking water. We need to encourage people to use and respect our natural environment.


Our school hosted a week of activities around the theme “Go With the Flow: Save Our H20”. First the school led green team banned plastic water bottles and encouraged students to bring in re-fillable bottles. We hosted daily prizes for students who brought their bottles. Students made posters and banners to promote the event. Classes got involved by doing experiments, presenting poems, singing and making artwork about our water supply.

The school also began collecting rain water which the classes used to water the vegetables and herbs growing in the school’s greenhouse.

The green team continues to promote the use of plastic water bottles and is raising money to install a water re-fill station. We make looking after our environment a priority every day!


6. Clean Water and Sanitation
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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