Gray Water/Water Wise Growers


After we learned what Gray Water is and the dangers of it, our vision was to inform the harms of our subject to our society because Gray Water is not a well-known subject that people know or talk about.


Our actions were to let the Grade 7’s and 6’s be informed about Gray Water and how to use it, since they are younger it would be more effective because when they grow older and are responsible for handling it, they can use it correctly and safely. We also made posters to inform our school about Gray Water, and since we had a shortage of posters, we made an extra one giving directions to where our main posters were. Finally, we interviewed one of Fredericton’s Water Managers (Marc Cowell) to get more in-depth answers and information to present to our school.

Reflection & Celebration

Our reflection to this project is that it went extremely well and successful because for the main part we got our message spread to our school, Also, one of our experiments was to see what would happen if Gray Water was used incorrectly, but we encountered some problems during that experiment. But in conclusion all our other actions went smoothly and well, which resulted in our group having a good documentary.
Celebration: We will have a Film Festival at our school between May 28th- May 30th in which classes from grades six through eight can sign up and bring a class to watch our Water Docs videos that we created. We will have a few students who were involved in Water Docs there to facilitate the showing of the videos. We will have a feedback form for them to fill out afterwards and there will be time for our student leaders to answer any questions from the classes

3. Good Health and Well-Being
6. Clean Water and Sanitation
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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