Green Giants



Our vision is to create an outdoor learning space in Elmwood’s courtyard to promote sustainability and environmental education.


Students will work to complete a school garden by planting and sustaining native plants, fruits and vegetables and a butterfly garden. With the guidance of Green Action Centre, Winnipeg Harvest, etc., students will learn how to effectively seed and care for plants using sustainable practices such as vermicomposting and aquifers. The school garden will serve as an engaging and hands- on educational tool used to teach students about sustainability and the three interconnected pillars.

Economy- Students will learn the importance of growing and eating local food and why it is so vital that we practice this sustainable initiative in an agriculturally driven economy like Manitoba. As our garden grows, we hope to use some of our produce to teach students how to prepare their own nutritious meals and donate some of our fresh food to Winnipeg Harvest to help those living in poverty.

Environment- Students will develop an understanding of waste reduction through the practice of vermicomposting and recycling nutrients. Through the use of rain barrels and an aquifer system students will be introduced to the importance of water conservation and water quality both locally and globally. Being that students will be handling plants, butterflies, insects, etc they will also learn the importance of caring and respecting all forms of living things.

Cultural- We want our school garden to be as self- sustaining as possible so we will rely on planting native plants that naturally grow on the prairies. This will lend an opportunity to discuss how First Nations people used different flora for traditional and medicinal practices and the value that knowledge has for 21st century learners.

Our composting video: http://greenactioncentre.ca/living-green-living-well/congrats-to-our-winners/


11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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