Green Industries Orchard and Gardens


Our Green Industries class has been working all semester to plan, fundraise and implement sustainable systems in our school. This has included the building of a greenhouse, building of gardens beds, beautifying existing gardens, creating a fruit orchard and implementing composting systems for the school.


We have created our orchard and beautified some of the gardens at the school. We have built the greenhouse and the raised beds. We are currently awaiting our vermiculture bins, but just received our barrel composter.

Reflection & Celebration

This class has been exceptional in that the students have gained real-life experience and feel like they are contributing positively to their school community.Many of them want to take the course again to continue the work they have started and to make sure their goals and ambitions for sustainability in the school are met. After planting the trees and going to purchase the trees and plants they felt like their plans were finally coming together and felt good about it. One student who is very withdrawn mentioned that this is most connected he has ever felt at school. The community has gotten behind this project through fundraising, donating gravel and fertilizer, and offering to come into class to talk to the students about their jobs in the green industries. We even had our local paper do a piece on us and will have a follow up piece done within the next week.


Check out this article by our local paper all about our action!

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