Green Space Enhancement


Our vision for Canada is… to have a greater sense of environmental awareness and responsibility in our communities. We started to create a culture of doing, with respect to even small local projects that can make a difference.


We lost some shade trees in our outdoor space where the students gather for breaks. We start with a vision to replace that lost tree and it grew into a larger project with the help of our landlord. We planted a diverse range of plants, lilacs, dogwood, cedars, mint, spirea, forsythia and hops to create green space buffers between our plaza and neighboring properties, as well as planted our communal flower gardens with annuals and perennials. We involved students with the planning, site preparation and execution of the planting. We have built a watering schedule for students and will be providing them with volunteer hours for before and after school time spent caring for our new green spaces. This will be part of our main school submissions to Eco-Schools and since we have partnered with our landlord, an ongoing annual project.

Reflection & Celebration

We engaged the students with an understanding of climate change and how green space can make a positive difference. We also have created a growing interest in landscaping in a few of our students. This has lead a few to apply for summer jobs in the industry. We have been able to bring awareness to habitat enhancement, waste water control, erosion control and pollution and noise suppression through plantings.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
15. Life on Land
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