Green Thumb


Our vision for Canada is to establish a sustainable community garden that will supply produce to our Hospitality program which will lower our ecological footprint. The garden will have access to compost from Hospitality and water from rain barrels. The ability to provide students with diverse environmental issues allows them to problem solve these issues making them environmental stewards.


The students and community were motivated and provided great learning opportunities both during and after school. The garden is becoming a landmark in the community as numerous students and community member have become interested in the knowing more, and have commented on how great it looks, how wonderful it is to have this garden, and how the students are motivated to become members of Green Thumb club/ Green Industries program. The number of people asking about the garden increases daily and the Green Industries program is growing.

This project will be on-going with the continued interest of students enrolling in the Green Industries program. Also, the harvested produce will lower Hospitality costs for food which will then be used to purchase items for the garden. Also, we plan on continuing to apply for grants and make community contacts to assist in the struggles we encounter annually. The growth of the program is a clear reflection that the program will be on-going and becoming more sustainable will ensure longevity in the programs/projects generating student interest

Reflection & Celebration

The interest in the Garden has been celebrated by students through project goal setting, and students in Green Industries have provided their successes on social media accounts. Their social media accounts have provided surprising excitement and interest throughout the school community. As a program, we are evaluating out ecological footprint throughout the school to establish Future Projects that will help our school and local community be sustainable such as purchasing rain barrels, establish a better compost system, and garden waste system.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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