Greening Our School Grounds: Engaging Our Community


My vision is to engage the local middle school community to take care of the school gardens over the summer because a lot of times people take the food in the fall but don’t take care of the gardens over the summer. My vision is to help the local community engage in gardening and with each other by making the school gardens a welcoming and encouraging place to spend time, as well as for the community to develop sustainable gardening skills and harvest local food.


I am a Grade 9 student at Maples Met School in Winnipeg. The action I’m taking is to engage the local school community (families living in the area close to the middle school that I intern at) in taking care of the school gardens over the summer. I’m doing this by creating flyers with the grade 7/8 class that I intern with to circulate digitally to the local community of families that attend this Kindergarten – grade 8 school. Additionally, the grant money was used to purchase gardening equipment such as hoses, wood for a water barrel stand, watering cans, gloves, and shovels, to encourage community involvement and make access to working in the gardens over the summer more accessible to the public. With this action, I hope that more families will visit and care for the gardens over the summer, as well as harvest food from it.

Reflection & Celebration

We will be celebrating this at Maples Met School through in person celebrations, social media, our newsletter and by presenting at the LSF Youth Forum Celebration as one of the guest speakers on June 10. Kaynat also earns credit for the work she has done on this project through her grade 9 courses at Maples Met School.

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