Greening the School & Community


Our vision for Canada is…a school with a green space that is open and inviting to students and to pollinators and classrooms that have plants to provide a touch of green and cleaner air.


Students were responsible for cultivating the off-shoots of spider plants, rooting them and then planting them. Once established the students gave the plants names, wrote up care instructions and delivered them to each classroom/office space in the school.
Students were responsible for starting seeds of native species flowers that will encourage pollinators to come to our school yard. They also started seeds of heirloom vegetables and herbs to give to staff and students who were interested in planting them at home.

Reflection & Celebration

Our teachers have accepted the care of their spider plants and some have been tweeting out about their spider plants (see the attached image). The plants are making some classrooms that are very sparse look a little brighter and more welcoming for students.
Our food seedlings are being distributed to homes for home planting the week of May 13 in time for the Victoria Day weekend.
The flower seedlings (along with trees purchased by another group of students) will be planted on the school ground the week of May 18.
The students and staff will continue to care for them.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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