Grow With Us


Our vision for Canada is a bright and sustainable future for all our students by acknowledging our shortcomings and being the change. We want our students to realize the importance of food security and help with ideas to make healthy food accessible to all.


Students are beginning to realize that not everyone has access to healthy food either due to lack of education or inaccessibility of affordable food. Students are becoming more aware of our courtyard and garden as well as the alternative ways to grow food. We want to continue and encourage this through more growing systems in classrooms and more classrooms in the courtyard.

Reflection & Celebration

We are still in progress, but there are some things to highlight. Outdoor growing is always a challenge, especially when much of it happens over the summer months when school is not in session. It is important to be able to grow that produce which does not need much attention over the summer. More students are becoming involved and are questioning what more we can do in our school and community.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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