Growing a Community


To ensure a prosperous future for Canada, we strongly believe that it is imperative for sustainability and citizenship to work hand in hand. Our vision is to create a community where we celebrate our cultural diversity, to promote lifestyle changes that increase our positive impact on our environment, and to celebrate as one community of active Canadian citizens.


Pockets of students from different clubs and classrooms have been buzzing about the idea of hosting a Farmer’s Market at Acadia. This project would be student-driven, would involve students from all over the school, and would not only be open to, but would include the community. Throughout the school year students in the Green Club would renovate and use the greenhouse to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers of their choice to sell at the Farmer’s Market. In addition, students across the whole school would be invited to donate projects from woods class, sewing class, things made in clubs, and finally things they make on their own time at home to the Farmer’s Market. Finally, local vendors and musicians would be invited, and students would reach out to community members to see if they would like to sell artifacts or foods that they make. The project will link specifically to cultural diversity and intercultural understanding, and community and culture. 35% of Acadia Junior High is students who are newcomers to Canada. Our community is filled with schools who are nearing 50% (some higher) of newcomers to Canada too. These numbers alone showcase the importance of bringing our community in, to welcome them, and to show them all that our city and our land has to offer us. It’s important to show them that this is a place they can call home. The project will also link specifically to the environment by making use of natural resources through agriculture as students choose what to use to grow the plants inside the greenhouse.

Reflection & Celebration

Through the renovation of the greenhouse and hosting the Farmer’s Market, several different groups will be able to participate in this diverse, community centered project.
A wide range of specialties will overlap in their common themes of sustainability and citizenship.

Project development will be relevant and applicable to student leadership in a few different ways. In each sub-project students will be following their own, genuine curiosities and
passions. Secondly, the project connects to the three pillars of sustainability, all of which have the core theme of meeting the needs of the present while fostering the growth of the future. Finally, in one way or another, students will be connecting to either the school and/or local community. It is of utmost importance for students to not only understand, but to feel the connectedness that we have with each other. It is this connectedness that encourages others to have empathy not only for one another, but for the world that we live in.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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