Growing Fruit Trees


Central Manitoulin Public School hopes to fill the school yard with edible fruit trees over the next 20 years so that students can harvest local food. During recess, student will be able to help themselves to fresh fruit and pick it for their families and the breakfast program. Access to fresh fruit is expensive in the North, so showing students how to care for fruit trees and encouraging them to do the same at home will provide a a sustainable food source for families.


We were able to purchase and plant some fruit trees for our school yard. We choose grapes, cherries and pecan trees. Students and staff continue to water and care for them over the summer.

Reflection & Celebration

The newspaper shared the story and photos of families who helped plant during COVID-19. On World Environment Day, the school added the photos of our trees to a slide show to share with all students.


Read more about our project: Central Manitoulin Public School celebrates World Environment Day

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