Halving Our Waste


Our vision for Canada is… to cut all of our waste in half! We were able to cut the waste in our families of three in more than half. This project will address the excessive amount of waste produced by families. This is an issue in our community because it seems nobody around us cares. They all just use all the plastic they want and don’t care about what happens to it.


We cut our waste in half in our own houses. We put up posters around the house, cut our plastic bottles and bags and we made our skin care more environmentally friendly. It’s addressing the environmental issue with reducing our waste and emissions. We engaged our fellow students by presenting our project to them in class. Youth leadership is highlighted because we had to convince our parents and lead our families during this project.

Reflection & Celebration

Some of the good things we did in this project was reduce the waste within our household by more than 50%. We did this by putting up posters in our houses, talking to our parents and using zero-waste supplies. What we learned was that achieving our original goal of zero-waste was not attainable in our situation. Due to the fact we were left halfway through our project to restart we had less time to work on our project. We had to spend time after being left finding new information and coming up with new ideas. To fix this if we did it again we could’ve just ran with the project we were going to do as a group or make our new project on a small scale. Next time we could also allow ourselves more time to work on it. Overall it was a decent project for what we had.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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