Harbour View School Garden/Outdoor Classroom


Harbour View High School has been developing a section of our schoolyard into an outdoor classroom/garden. Gardens can create opportunities for students to learn about the benefits of fresh food, to make healthier food choices, and to become better nourished. 1 in 8 Canadian families struggle to put food on table. The problem is particularly severe in the Maritimes. Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and New Brunswick have the highest level of food insecurity among the provinces. There is lots of evidence that indicates that school garden projects nurtures community spirit and provide ample of opportunity for building bridges among students, educators, families, local businesses, and community organizations. The ability to have such a skill set provides students with life skills that will enhance our society to be self-sufficient and competent. Aspects of these skills would include critical thinking, cooperation, community service, self-discipline and wise use of resources.


This would include the installation of raised vegetable gardens, pathways, benches, signage, tools, soil, quarter minus, edible and native plants.
At Harbour View High School, we have an active food bank and school community programs that help provide support to students in need. A schoolyard garden has the potential to not only build on this sustenance but also incorporate the three sustainable development objectives (economy, society and the environment) into a dynamic cross-curricular education program for future generations. This project would not only benefit the students at Harbour View High School but bring the surrounding community together and build strong relations with our neighbors.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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