Harmonic Aquaponics


Our goal is to teach our students about sustainability through the use of aquaponics – a zero waste system that integrates raising fish with the practice of growing organic produce in gravel and water. In this system, the nitrates from the fish waste feed the plants, while the gravel filters the water for the fish. Therefore, in addition to learning about sustainability, students will also learn, through hands-on experiences, about the needs of living things and about how fragile ecosystems can be. Additionally, our students will learn about conserving water, symbiosis, the efforts required to grow organic produce, and, in our final celebration, they will have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labour – literally!

Our vision for a more sustainable Canada involves educating children from a young age about where food comes from. To teach our students that produce should be shared. To teach them about nutrition and the importance of consuming organic whole foods. To help them develop an understanding of the effort involved in, and satisfaction gained from growing food. We will explore the benefits of forming partnerships that enable us to expand our knowledge and skills, and show the importance of working together.


Teaching children about the concepts of sustainability, symbiosis, ecosystems; giving them the skills and knowledge to grow herbs, vegetables and fish, and; empowering them to make healthy food choices will not only benefit the community in the future, but these students will educate their families and friends, therefore benefiting the entire community right now.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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