Healthy Eating, Healthy Living


Our vision for Canada is… a country where every citizen has the knowledge of, access to, and appreciation for healthy food choices that are part of a healthy, active lifestyle.


Our project was intended to provide students with an opportunity to learn about, simple healthy food choices to be replacements for packaged snacks. Students prepare vegan ice cream from natural ingredients and then share with the school community during events that support healthy lifestyles. The two events we worked with were our community night for active living as well as our Earth Day community clean up.

Reflection & Celebration

Grade 5 students learn about and prepared the food for all students in the school. By doing this for all students, our grade 4s see their opportunity next year and begin planning now. This aligns with and is supported by our Green Team, who oversee all aspects of our environmental stewardship in the school. It provides opportunity for leadership through responsibility and accountability in numerous aspects of our daily life at school.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
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