Help Save the Permafrost from Melting


Our vision is to help spread awareness about the melting of permafrost. We want others in our school and community to know how difficult it is for the Indigenous communities when permafrost melts, and if it keeps melting, how difficult it will be for us. Permafrost affects our drinking water, the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere, and the environment. My group wants to teach others the impacts and problems of permafrost.


We made a booklet for the students to give them an understanding about permafrost. We also made a website about permafrost. We shared the idea about the action tracker and made students in other classes do a few actions. We got this action tracker from LSF (Learning for a Sustainable Future). We made posters summarizing all of our knowledge on permafrost and added our gmail, in case any student had a question for us about the posters, etc.

Reflection & Celebration

The thing that went well is that we got the whole school to take part in the action tracker. Some learning points include that we could have had a stable camera while recording some parts. We could have also re-recorded the parts where the wind came in the background. We could have tried to find more people to reach out to because the people we had were unavailable.


Check out this link for more resources on permafrost!

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