Hilliard TDSB Eco- School Garden 2018


Our vision for Canada is promoting a green spaces (like gardens) for people to appreciate the beauty of our biodiversity.


The project is to create a garden around the Hilliard sign post in the front of our school to make our school property greener. The area has dead brown grass and a lot of concrete and many people think our school is dirty and ugly. We believe a garden might change that. We think we could inspire everyone to take more pride in there community by allowing them to design, create, and plant a beautiful garden. If we plant flowers, the people that walk and drive by will want to plant flowers as well. This will make our school more eco friendly and our community too. We think it’s important to give kids a chance to go outside and experience the natural world. Maybe more kids will grow up and want to be farmers or kids will go home and build a backyard garden after trying it at school first.
We believe that people will be inspired to be very proud if we have a beautiful garden to represent our school, which will send a message to everyone saying how Dr. Marion Hilliard cares for the environment and that we are a multi-cultural school. Also in Eco Club and Science classes, we learned about invasive species and how bees are dying because of the pesticides. We will use plants native to the area and ones that attract bees and keep them healthy by avoiding pesticides. Our action will engage the students and the school by involving student to dig, design, plant and maintain the garden. We will also involve local community partners and politician. This garden will also give students a responsibility to take care of our future garden. Every part of this project is a going to be organized by students.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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