Huron Heights Food Fores


Our mission is to create a sustainable landscape that houses spaces for learning, and social gathering with a focus on connection to land and environmental stewardship. The food forest will be developed through sustainable growing practices, and involve integrative learning across a variety of disciplines within the school. Teachers will be able to book time in learning areas of the landscape for specific education projects that link to the curriculum such as science, geography, family studies, math, art and ACE. The design will honor indigenous perspectives, and provide spaces for all types of learners.

Why Build a Food Forest?
It is highly useful to many courses and classes, in building, maintaining, improving and studying,
It provides an outdoor learning space,
It provides fruit and vegetables for sale or food (school or community),
It provides food for pollinators,
It provides shelter for small wildlife and birds,
It provides a shady retreat on our property,
Desire for students to become involved in projects that are hands-on, meaningful and which contribute to their learning,
Outdoor education is dynamic and important for mental health and engagement in learning.
Cross-curricular opportunities: geography, environmental science, science, family studies, languages, ACE, math, art etc. – you could potentially connect ANYthing, and create opportunities for out of the box thinking,
It helps students become engaged in their communities and connection to land.


We are planting native, food producing species and combining them with companion plants to form guilds. This space will be built in consultation with local Indigenous elders, who can help us build indigenous practices into all areas of the project and make this an opportunity for learning in the community.

Reflection & Celebration

The project is just getting started, but we have received funding for a permanent outdoor classroom space along with paths, so the dream is coming together!


Check out more of our photos, here!

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