Increasing Biodiversity and Supporting Wildlife at Our School


The grade 6 class at EDPS learned about pollinators, biodiversity, and outdoor education this year, and decided to focus on creating safe spaces for birds and pollinators at our school.


The EDPS Grade 6 Action Project for Climate Change started by studying birds and trees. Grade 6 students became stewards of the trees in the yard by choosing a tree to study for the year, and preparing a project on it. They extensively studied trees and plants and learned about deforestation, hydroponic grow towers (there are 5 grow towers in the grade 6 class), and the benefits of plants on air quality. They are planting a tree in the yard as part of their project this spring. Grade 6 students also studied birds extensively and wanted to increase the availability of food for birds in the EDPS school yard to increase biodiversity. Students also learned about pollinators and their role in biodiversity, so they wanted to connect that into their bird projects. As a result, they decided to plant a pollinator garden, which included a bird bath and a bird feeder, and also build some other bird feeders to place around the school yard. They initially built bird feeders out of recycled items, such as milk cartons and plastic juice jugs, but with the funding they received from LSF, they built wooden feeders and purchased metal stands so that they can be put up year to year for learning opportunities for future students.

Reflection & Celebration

The grade 6 students enjoy walking in the yard daily and checking out their bird feeders and gardens!

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15. Life on Land
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