Indigenous Learning and Pollinating Garden with Pond


In our eco club, our focus this year has been on expanding our environmental education beyond the confines of our classroom. Drawing inspiration from Leona Prince and Gabrielle Prince’s insightful book, “Be a Good Ancestor,” we embarked on an ambitious journey to transform our school grounds into vibrant hubs of learning and biodiversity. With the help of a grant, we turned our vision into reality by establishing a captivating learning garden at the school’s entrance and a serene pond tucked away at its side. These two projects not only beautify our school but also serve as living laboratories, fostering outdoor learning experiences and nurturing a sense of environmental stewardship among our students. By cultivating these green spaces, we aim to instill in our school community a deeper appreciation for nature and empower future generations to become responsible custodians of our planet.


In the previous academic year, our Eco club was fortunate to secure a grant, enabling us to introduce classroom trees as part of our initiative. With great enthusiasm, we took care of the trees until May, when we transplanted them into the forest adjacent to our school. Building upon this momentum, this year’s Eco club leaders and students drew inspiration from Leona Prince and Gabrielle Prince’s poignant narrative, “Be a Good Ancestor,” to steer our endeavours and spearhead a significant Eco project. In alignment with the narrative, we planned to leave a positive legacy by cultivating an indigenous learning environment and a pollinating garden, complete with a learning pond, on the grounds of our school. Drawing from the lessons learned about the significance of trees in the previous year, our focus expanded to encompass indigenous flora and the vital role of pollinators native to our region. Engaging in thorough research, students delved into the diverse ecosystems surrounding us, identifying key animal species, insects, and plant varieties essential to the creation of our envisioned learning oasis. With the arrival of May, we rolled up our sleeves once again, embarking on the ambitious task of transforming our aspirations into tangible reality. Through planning and collaborative effort, we meticulously planted a vibrant garden and brought to life a serene pond, providing a sanctuary for both learning and contemplation. As we finished our garden and pond we took a moment to embrace the profound connection with nature, reaffirming our commitment to stewardship of our school and its newfound educational sanctuary.

Reflection & Celebration

It’s truly a moment of reflection and celebration for us as we see how our collective efforts have transformed a mere vision into tangible reality. The creation of a learning garden and pond stands as a testament to our commitment to environmental education and action. These projects not only add aesthetic beauty to our school but also serve a deeper purpose as amazing learning opportunities for our school and community. They provide invaluable opportunities for outdoor learning experiences, where students can immerse themselves in the wonders of nature and explore its intricacies firsthand. Moreover, these green spaces play a crucial role in nurturing a sense of environmental stewardship among our students. As we celebrate the amazing work and collaboration of our school and community, we look forward to the continued growth and impact these projects have in shaping a more sustainable and mindful future for our school community and beyond.

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