Indoor School Greening Initiative – Greening Carts


Our vision is to proceed with an Indoor School Greening Initiative. We will be bringing in and purchasing hardy plants for propagation in our greenhouse. We will then purchase portable carts on wheels to distribute to classes interested throughout the school. Classes will rotate carts on a determined schedule. Classrooms will learn how to take care of plants and the good effects these small plants have on the environment. With these greening carts, we are spreading awareness of how to take care of plants as well as awareness of how students can easily help climate change.


This project is relevant to climate change because the plants are removing carbon dioxide from the air and turning it into oxygen for us. Plants consume carbon dioxide, which is a very common greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. The reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has an indirect cooling effect. Plants also cool the atmosphere because they release water vapour when they get hot, a process similar to sweating. It not only brings life to the classrooms, but it lightens the mood and encourages students to put their best efforts into school. The plants are a way to reduce anxiety and depression, which are common in teens, especially in high school. Plants reduce the likelihood of stress-related depression. The flowers will increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed.

Reflection & Celebration

There are numerous mental and physical health benefits for students from indoor and outdoor plants in the classroom. This is important to our school community to provide these psychological and physical health benefits. The Greening Carts helped bring an awareness to the importance of sustainable schools by promoting environmentally friendly behaviours. The project’s success branched into a boost of creativity and support to begin a new initiative of bringing solar panels to our school. Overall, the plants are a way to increase positivity, reduce anxiety and depression and serve as a visual reminder that compared to one small plant, a whole cart full of plants helps make a bigger difference.


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