Interpretive Outdoor Classroom


Our vision is to have an Interactive Outdoor Classroom where students can: learn about the environment and how they can help Mother Earth, learn how to grow their own food, and learn to enjoy the outside and all it has to offer.


We have started our Interpretive Outdoor Classroom. There are 2 main parts – An Interpretive Trail and an Educational Wetland Trail. In the Interpretive Trail we are working on: a vegetable garden so students can learn to grow their own food and a bird & butterfly garden to teach the students how to help species that are struggling in our area. We will be working on becoming a Monarch Way Station. Next year we will: add an additional vegetable garden to teach families how to preserve food, start a composting site, add an arboretum of tree species from the Acadian Forrest and post plaques for different species of trees around the trail. In the Educational Wetland Trail we will be: trimming branches to form a trail, placing signs to help students think about the creatures in the area, putting up letter boxes to help teachers place educational materials throughout the trail, work with partners to build habitats for birds (duck, swallows…) native to the area. We also started to teach the students about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling by having the grade 5 students do a school waste audit. The students then went around and educated the other students on the results and how we can improve.

15. Life on Land
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