Irma Coulson Public School Community Garden


Irma Coulson Public School opened with a vision in 2013. That vision was for a school where Equity and Excellence for All was the foundation of everything that happens inside and outside the doors. Planning began for a Community Garden began that first year, was planted for the first time in 2015 and our plan for this year was to involve the student’s voice in selection of important plants to grow, include native butterfly attracting plants, cultural significant plants and curriculum related items.


Each Grade in our JK-Grade 8 school has been assigned a garden bed that belongs to them until they leave the school. Each grade was invited to select things to grow that would be of interest to them. Some grades choose plants. The Grade 2 team wanted to plant Monarch attracting milkweed as they were studying butterflies and the Grade 3 team picked the “3 sisters” to grow as they had studied the significance of corn, bean and squash to the First Nations. Some grades choose from a list of viable plants created by the Green Coyotes (Eco Club). The community (students, siblings, parents, former students, community members and staff) helped prepare, plant, water and will collect the much anticipated bountiful harvest!

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