It’s Better Under the Sun


Our vision for Canada is one where citizens are more engaged with nature, recognizing our part in the ecosystem. It is our belief that respect for and a connection with nature is vital in encouraging sustainability. To achieve our vision, we are inviting students to turn off their monitors and spend some time outdoors!


We are purchasing a sugar maple to plant on the school grounds to provide useful shade. Two terra-cycled benches that convert into a picnic table will be added to the area to give all students a space to sit, enjoy each others’ company, and relax in the outdoors.
Youth Leadership was a key component in this project as students collected terra cycled pens throughout the year and are now seeing the advantages of these terracycling programs with our benches. They raised almost $1000 throughout the school year to cover the associated costs.

Reflection & Celebration

As of May 18, 2018, the benches have been ordered but not yet delivered. We have researched and sourced different species of trees and agreed upon one native to Ontario – the Sugar Maple. With a thick layer of mulch, this tree will need very little maintenance in the site selected.
Photos and reflection to come.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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