Junky Jewelry: Turning Trash into Treasures


Our vision is to turn trash into treasures with grant support. Through our student-led Junky Jewelry project, we’re transforming materials that would otherwise end up in landfills into unique pieces of jewelry.


Turning Trash into Treasures with Grant Support!
Our three secondary classes applied for a grant to support our student-led Junky Jewelry project! They have been creating unique jewelry using materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Our students are passionate about sustainability and eager to expand their student-led businesses!
We’re thrilled to have applied for the Learning for a Sustainable Future grant to further empower our students and make a positive impact on our environment. Our aim was to engage in hands-on, real-world learning experiences that leave a lasting impression. By repurposing materials and fostering creativity, we’re aiming for a more sustainable future!
This grant is another opportunity to help us turn our student-led project into reality and showcase the incredible potential of innovative, eco-friendly initiatives.
We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to apply and thanks goes out to the team at Learning for Sustainable Future for believing in us!

Reflection & Celebration

Through reflection, students have learned valuable lessons from our Junky Jewelry project. They have gained practical skills in crafting and entrepreneurship, but more importantly, they have developed a deep understanding of sustainability and environmental responsibility. By reflecting on the project’s impact, students have recognized the importance of waste management and have become more conscious consumers. Moreover, they have experienced personal growth, building teamwork skills, confidence in leadership roles, and a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Engaging with the community has further enriched their learning, fostering collaboration and positive relationships. As we celebrate the success of our project, students are inspired to continue their journey towards a more sustainable future, armed with newfound knowledge and a passion for making a difference.


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12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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